Why is this campaign taking place?

Nowadays, HIV can be treated effectively and fortunately increasing numbers of people worldwide have access to medication. However, there is no pill to cure stigma and ignorance. This results in people living with HIV being isolated and therefore missing out on proper care.

In our country people with HIV still encounter lots of negative reactions from those around them. Many are afraid of sharing their HIV status with others for fear of judgement and rejection. People who have HIV, but do not know this yet, are afraid of getting tested for fear of being labelled HIV positive.

This stigma and discrimination makes it difficult to lead a normal life with HIV. It should not be like this. By taking part in this campaign, you show your support for people living with HIV in the Netherlands and all over the world.
This is why we want to collect one million selfies, to make a powerful statement during the World AIDS Conference in Amsterdam in July 2018 against the stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV.

We were inspired to set up this campaign by the UNAIDS Zero Discrimination Agenda and 90-90-90 UNAIDS ambition to put an end to AIDS. For the Campaign we raised the ambition to : 100x100x100 (= 1 million!). The aim is that 100% of the people with HIV worldwide know what their status is, that everyone with HIV has access to HIV treatment and that this treatment is effective for everyone. And there is zero stigma, there are zero deaths as a result of AIDS and zero new HIV infections!

We stand united with people living with HIV. Famous and less well-known Dutch people, small and large companies and you!

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